Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Lunch - Roast Beef Sandwiches

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Yesterday as I was herding the little girls to the birthday party, I stopped long enough to put a frozen roast into a pot. I added a couple of inches of water and some onions in the bottom and set the oven at 325 degrees. It was nice to have supper ready when I got home. There was a brown crust on the bottom of the roast and the gravy was very rich and brown. I made more gravy with a packet of "Better Than Gravy" gravy mix and served the roast with coleslaw and some leftover mashed potatoes.

Today, Cory and Stephanie surprised us by riding their bikes over to our house. I was making lunch so they stayed a while. I chopped up the leftover roast and put it in the gravy. Then I sauteed some green peppers and onions. I put the meat and gravy and peppers and onions over some hamburger rolls and melted thin slices of pepper jack cheese over the top. It was kind of a combination of French Dip and Philly Steak. We all had cold drinks and big, warm plates of the stuff. It was fun. I never seem to get around to actually inviting them over for a big supper, but this was better. Spontaneous. So what did I feed Roger for supper later? Beans and franks and some warm rolls.


  1. Your roast looks wonderful. I love having left overs of any kind to create something with.

    Don't worry Roger I think Beans and Franks are also great. I never crave beef roast, but I do sometimes crave Beans and Franks.

  2. Thanks, Beverly. I wish I could claim that was my roast, but we ate it too fast for me to get a picture. That pic came from Food

  3. looks great...i just ended my 17 day vegetarian kick yesterday when i bought a prime rib looked too good to pass up. i think i have a package of that Better Than Gravy...i am going to go look for it and make it to go with my roast tonight. we love the leftovers too...but since we got Teddy the leftovers are no more..that's o.k.....we LOVE teddy !!!!

  4. oh lord i am so hungry now and its only 8 am...