Monday, November 1, 2010

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Well, after many years I have finally gotten good at roasting pumpkin seeds. The trick seems to be like roasting everything else. Dry them off and toss them with olive oil and seasonings. They browned up and turned crispy in no time. Trouble is no one likes them except Jill. They are still more hull than seed. But I will probably do it again next year anyway.


  1. I love them so much. How long do you roast them, and at what temp? What seasonings do you like?

  2. Ruth, if you love them I should be asking you how to do it. I just toss them with olive oil and salt. I did try some cinnamon sugar and butter on some of them after they were already started but they turned a little bitter, I thought, because of the cinnamon. I cooked them at 375 and they cooked up quite quickly. Advice??