Monday, November 15, 2010

First Holiday Cake

I made the Sock-It-To-Me cake I mentioned in an earlier post and took a chunk to my sister-in-law. I skipped the glaze and just put some powdered sugar snow on top. As I suspected, it made a very nice little gift and we had a very nice visit. It was delicious. I went to the Duncan Hines website at and found a wealth of easy, delicious cakes to make. I want to try the Applesauce Walnut cake next. Maybe for Thanksgiving?

I had Jonah and Mia for the weekend since Jaime and Aaron were out of town. Mia missed her mommy a lot. I made chicken and yellow rice for supper on Sunday since that is Jonah's favorite and he will always eat at least two big servings. Everyone is back home and off to school and work this morning.

I also made corned beef sandwiches for Cory and Roger and me for lunch one day. I still have leftovers for Roger and my supper tonight. I will take a picture then. We got some great rye and pumpernickel marble bread at the deli, sauerkraut, deli corned beef and provolone cheese. Roger and I like spicy brown mustard on the sandwiches but Cory went with Thousand Island dressing.


  1. Still one of my favorite cakes. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. beautiful lookiing the snowy top.

    so excited for Holiday baking...

    it's the last full week before thanksgiving....

    love it !!!!

    happy baking