Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Sober Holiday Thoughts

Well, it's done. We had about 20 people in my little house. I think they had fun and got enough to eat. I hope so. I can't get over a feeling of disappointment. I tried so hard this year to be organized. Everything was fine until people started arriving and then it was wild with so many people crowding into my little kitchen and trying to heat things in my little oven. I'm already thinking of how to improve the serving situation for Christmas. I am irritated with myself for feeling down about this. I should be filled with gratitude. My family is nearby and all is well with all of them. I am grateful. Maybe the fact that I came down with a full blown UTI the day after Thanksgiving has something to do with my mood.

I am also bummed out by some of the stories of people camping out to get bargains and then stealing them from each other, etc. As much as I would enjoy a new lap top or an ipad or a fancy new phone, I can't really think of anything I want badly enough to fight over it. I know that is easy to say with a full stomach and a roof over my head. I guess I would fight as hard as anyone if my life or my family's lives depended on it. That thing where the brides fight for all the dresses. I think having a tug of war over the dress would ruin it for me.

Anyway, if you want to see something cute that will make you laugh, check out this link to Attic 24 about the boy baking. So cute. Attic 24 is one of the first blogs I found when I started and I still like to check in and see what is going on.


  1. Lighten up girlfriend! I don't care how hard you try it's hard to be totally organized for holiday dinners. That's half the fun, everyone in the kitchen, not enough room to set stuff, no room in the refrigerator, three dogs under foot, one stealing ham off the platter, spare ice in the ice chest on the porch. Do I need to go on. It's wonderful. Enjoy your family and friends I know they enjoyed being with you.

  2. i know what you mean about all that pushing and shoving to get a bargain...going with a simple, natural, woodland christmas here. quiet. candles. lights. music. a tree. some baking...all alone.tucked inside farmhouse.

  3. You sound like me after Farm Day this year. It was the first year we had it potluck, so suddenly everyone was in my little kitchen preparing ten different dishes, and I was a mess. I had to think it through with my husband for next year, so we could set up the food elsewhere and route everyone outside. I felt terribly guilty for feeling so uneasy and not welcoming in my heart. But our peace of mind is important! If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I hope you will find a way to think about the next big meal at your place that will help you too.

    SO sorry about the UTI. We were just talking about them at Thanksgiving and agree that they are the WORST.

    As for Black Friday? It sounds like hell to me.

  4. Thank you all for understanding perfectly. I felt so guilty for not having a "welcoming heart". I seriously have thought about a few small changes I can make to make it better next time. Even though I love my house and my family and I want them here, I confess to thinking about a big dining room with a long shiny table. (Even if I could seat 10, that would leave 10 more to find a place.) Lucky for me it is usually warm here during the holidays. We seat 4 around the kitchen table which is in the middle of the traffic pattern to the screened porch where we can sit 4 more at the patio table. Then there are extra chairs on the porch and in the living room. I got online to look up steam tables and thought about installing an outdoor kitchen on the porch! We happen to have an extra refrigerator in the garage, but heating everything up is the problem. I do long for a simple woodland Christmas that Kary describes. With snow. And two ovens. This is not being thankful for what you have is all about is it?