Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Perfect Summer Drink

I think I have found the perfect drink for summer and all year round. I am from the south and I love my sweet tea, but I have been looking for a while for a natural drink that doesn't have SO much sugar as sweet tea. Fruit tea. A Mexican restaurant I used to love in Oklahoma served a mixture of tea and apple juice that was so soothing with the hot spicy food, but I could never get tea and apple juice to be quite sweet enough. I have been making unsweetened tea with Truvia but I did not like drinking so much of it and giving it to the kids. So, yesterday at Big Lots I found some V8 Splash on sale. The one I bought was Mango Pineapple mixed with green tea. It was good, but expensive and still very strong. So I thought, mix the V8 with brewed tea! It is great! I mix it about 1/3 V8 and 2/3 tea. I think if I had V8 without the green tea mixed in, I could use even less. Maybe Mia could even drink it on her new diet. She loves sweet tea, too. Wonder if anyone else has some ideas. P.S. I threw in a recent picture of Jaime on her way to the beach. Click on the picture to see the cool feather necklace she is wearing.

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