Tuesday, January 11, 2011

French Dip and Whiskey Sour

We had a great supper on a dark, chilly night. It started when we were at the mall visiting the eye doctor and I thought of going to Ruby Tuesday - a bowl of onion soup, the salad bar and a whiskey sour. Instead I went to the grocery store for some hogie rolls, some sliced roast beef, provolone cheese, Campbell's onion soup (that's right!) and even some whiskey sour mix to go with a little bit of Seagram's 7 left over from Christmas. (I tried a sample one day in the grocery store using Campbell's onion soup and it was good.) So, I put a little grainy mustard on the rolls, warmed the soup and sliced roast beef together and sauteed a few extra onions. Then I layered the moist roast beef, onions and provolone cheese on the rolls and toasted them. I made salads and a whiskey sour for me, wine for Roger, and we had a great time, dipping and chewing and saying to each other how good it was. Good and easy. Then we lit a fire and settled in for the evening.


  1. That just sounds like the perfect winter night supper. I would almost always rather have dinner at home.

  2. i am the french dip QUEEN..i saw this on your sidebar and had to come and check it out...and you know my kitty is named whiskey sour