Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy Morning - Magpie #60

Magpie Tales is a creative writing blog by Willow at Life at Willow Manor. Click on the link to see the other entries.
A rainy spring morning. Cool and wet and gray. Falling like a veil over the world, softening the view, drowning out the clamor. Private and quiet. A day to sleep late wrapped in the cool sheets, or to make love, or to get up early and have a cup of tea. Or to bake. Or to make soup. Or, if you have to go somewhere, to dash to the car and be so glad to be inside and shake off the rain when you get to work feeling energized and proud just to have arrived.


  1. Trellissimo - It sounds good to me, but I can see that to some, this would be a pretty boring day.

  2. You have made a rainy morning beautiful Shari....there is sunshine in your this! ;-)