Thursday, December 23, 2010

Michigan Artist - 2010 White House Christmas

Picture of the dove is by James Lutke, the artist

This picture is from Marty Katz photos of the White House Christmas. I hope the photo police don't get me, but I wanted to show the beautiful natural peacocks on the tops of the trees in the East Room.
Simple Gifts is the theme Michelle Obama chose for the 2010 White House Christmas decorations. I saw a special on HGTV previewing the White House Christmas Tour and I was so taken with the beautiful birds made by James Lutke from Spring Lake, MI for the tree toppers. He made nine, but I have only been able to find close up photos of a few. The beautiful peacocks and a white dove for the military tree were some I found. The birds are made of all natural materials and I think they are very beautiful. Here is a link to a news story I found. This post is dedicated to Ruth at synch-ro-ni-zing.


  1. Thank you so much for this, Shari! I am still having spotty internet at home and may have to investigate when I get back to work Jan. 5!

    And guess what, another synchronicity here. I am working on a post for Monday of my excursion to Lake Michigan this past Monday . . . in Spring Lake, Norton Shoes, Grand Haven . . . How cool is that!? I could have gone up and knocked on Jim Lutke's door and asked to see his tree. :)

  2. Ruth, I would love to see his tree. I wish he had a web site where I could see more of his work. I did find one called 360 Artists or something like that, but it only had paintings. I knew you would really appreciate those birds as I did.

  3. happy to get to know you this year as well, my friend

    merry christmas
    kary and teddy