Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thai food for beginners like me

Spicy sweet Chai Tea

Khanom Krok (Thai street food - coconut pudding balls)

Coconut balls sprinkled inside with spring onions

Cast iron pan for cooking coconut balls

Fried bananas

Grilled chicken skewers* (All images from Google Images)

I'm a late bloomer. The only thing I knew about Thai food was a rich peanut sauce I tasted once. I didn't think I liked it. My trip to the Buddhist temple with my daughter and her friend changed my mind. Here are a few things I tried and can't wait to have again. (I guess I am the last person in the world to try Chai tea. They even have it at Starbucks!) These are foods that anyone could like, crunchy sweet fried bananas and grilled chicken skewers. The most adventurous thing I tried was the coconut balls with the surprising taste of green onion inside. They became addictive. The Thai version of an egg roll and what looked like a spring roll did not taste as good to me as the Chinese versions I am used to, but my daughter likes the egg rolls a lot.

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