Sunday, September 12, 2010

Window - Magpie #31

Here is my entry for Magpie Tales #31. Click on the link to see the other entries.

Maybe it's the Virgin Mary, but I'm not Catholic. Or a nun. Or an angel. Maybe it is me. I always knew part of me would never leave that room after the baby died. She was such a pretty, happy little baby. And she got sick so fast and then she was gone. I thought it would be all right. Why, she smiled at me just a while before she stopped breathing. It was different back then. We didn't have all these fancy hospitals. Just an old country doctor. Babies were born at home back then and sometimes they died at home. I'm glad I came back after all these years. Glad to see this miracle through the nursery window. Now I know my little girl is not alone.


  1. heart and daughter both at peace

    touching and beautiful.


  2. no, never alone, i'm glad you have some comfort now.

  3. What a touching piece... hopefully bringing a little peace to the lady.

  4. Lovely, hopeful piece. Nice Magpie, Shari.