Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pot Roast = Love

I took my two granddaughters to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese today. They had a blast but I was worn out when I got home. Thank goodness I had put on a pot roast before I left. If you could put love on a plate, for me, it would be pot roast or beef stew. It was always my favorite. My mother made both - mostly beef stew - in a pressure cooker. When my daughter was born prematurely and had to stay in the hospital for a while, my mother came up to visit and take care of me. The first thing my mother did was to buy a pressure cooker and a rocking chair for me and then she made beef stew.

I was in a hurry this morning so I put a large piece of chuck roast in my dutch oven. It was only partially thawed and it covered the whole bottom of the pan. I poured in a can of beef broth, a bag of baby carrots, a large onion cut in wedges and as many yukon gold potatoes as I felt like peeling. I added some water and salt and pepper, and put the covered pot in a 300 degree oven. Five hours later, I got home a little worried, but the roast was perfect - rich, brown and tender.

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